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As part of this it explores the relationship between Gregory's diabology and ecc1esiology, and the influence of this upon his understanding of the Roman primacy. Whilst Gregory the Great has been subject to vast amounts of scholarship, as of yet no such study has been done which takes into consideration so many of his works. This thesis therefore offers a fresh perspective and provides new ways of thinking about how Gregory used and understood the idea of the devil. New search Advanced search Search results. Boniface I , and it is elaborated in the writings of Pope St. Leo the Great Therefore, Gregory was admitting nothing different than his Papal supremacist predecessors had.

There is not an equation of powers, but a similitude of founding, namely, a common source of influence, namely, the Apostle Peter. How did this saintly Pope figure that the See of Rome and the successor of Peter is the head and pastor of the universal church, and yet deny the universal bishop concept?

For, not only does he insist that the prelate of Constantinople should not hold the title, but that no one in the Episcopate should hold that title. The solution is to read what Gregory had to say about St.

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Peter in relationship to the Apostles, as well as the entire Church. To begin, we need to take note that Pope Gregory believed that St.

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Peter was commissioned to the Pastor of the universal church of Christ:. But that most holy man, my fellow-bishop John, wishes to be called the Universal Bishop. I am compelled to exclaim, O tempora! O mores! Some preliminary observations: It is obvious that St. Gregory here takes from that passage in the gospel of John where the Lord Jesus asks Simon Peter if he loved him three consecutive times. Each time Peter answered in the affirmative, in contradistinction from his three-fold negative when he betrayed the Lord during His trial.

Now, in the English we might take this whole matter rather lightly, as just a gentle exhortation to be a support to the early Christians. But Jesus is commanding Peter to be a Shepherd. That is the imagery, after all. Other occurrences in New Testament clearly illustrate the role of a Shepherd.

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Notice, therefore, the word for overseers is episkopos , meaning Bishop. Thus, if the word used by St. John to describe the commission of Christ to St. Gregory, that this commission to Peter was one of commissioning a Pastorate, and that, over the whole flock i. But a problem of inconsistency arises, does it not? If St. Peter, if not a universal pastor? It seems unavoidable that he saw St. Peter as the universal Pastor, and by the divine institution of Jesus Christ. Leo qualifies the power of the emperor as the principatus.

In fact, Peter was still one of the twelve. Likewise, the successor of Peter, the Bishop of the Apostolic See, though he has the primacy he has, of which Gregory was not ashamed to defend in many diverse places, he is still one bishop among all the bishops. But, with what daring or with what swelling of pride I know not, you have attempted to seize upon a new name, whereby the hearts of all your brethren might have come to take offense. I wonder exceedingly at this, since I remember how you would fain have fled from the episcopal office rather than attain it.

And yet, now that you have got it, you desire so to exercise it as if you had run to it with ambitious intent. Gregory with the following in their service-books:. Successor to the throne of the prince of the choir of the disciples, thou dost fulfill thine office; and from thence, O Gregory, thou dost by thy word as with a torch enlighten the faithful. The First of the churches, having embraced thee, waters every land that is under the sun with the streams of her most holy teachings. This journey that we have all made is full of such surprises, but it is now come to an end.

Even that is hard to believe. We have experienced many unforeseen joys and sorrows.

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