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Low-ranked but untested, Eric, too, aims to make his mark on the international tennis circuit. They marry. But their life together soon grows poisoned by full-tilt competition over which spouse can rise to the top first.

Willy discovers that her perfect partner may also prove her most devastating opponent. The first ever story collection from the inimitable Lionel Shriver. This landmark publication, the first collection of stories from a master of the form, explores the idea of 'property' in both senses of the word: real estate and stuff. These sharp, brilliantly imaginative pieces illustrate how our possessions act as proxies for ourselves and how tussles over ownership articulate the power dynamics of our relationships.

In the freezing Antarctic waters south of Tasmania, a mountain was discovered in by the seafaring explorer Gerrit Jansz.

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Not just any mountain but one that Jansz estimated was an unbelievable height of 25, metres. In , at the foot of this unearthly mountain, a controversial and ambitious 'dream home', the Observatory, is painstakingly constructed by an eccentric billionaire - the only man to have ever reached the summit. Still unattached and childless at 59, world-renowned anthropologist Gray Kaiser is seemingly invincible - and untouchable. Returning to make a documentary at the site of her first great triumph in Kenya, she is accompanied by her faithful middle-aged assistant, Errol McEchern, who has loved her for years in silence.

When young graduate assistant Raphael Sarasola arrives on the scene, Gray is captivated and falls hopelessly in love - before an amazed Errol's eyes. The brilliant new novel from the Orange Prize-winning author of We Need to Talk About Kevin centres on three generations of the Mandible family as a fiscal crisis hits a near-future America. It is The Mandibles have been counting on a sizable fortune filtering down when their year-old patriarch dies.

Yet America's soaring national debt has grown so enormous that it can never be repaid. Under siege from an upstart international currency, the dollar is in meltdown. To a knowing few, our names remain rigidly attached, like the two ends of a seesaw. His rise coincided with, though did not cause, my decline You may treat these few pages as a confession. Machines Like Me occurs in an alternative s London. Charlie, drifting through life and dodging full-time employment, is in love with Miranda, a bright student who lives with a terrible secret.

When Charlie comes into money, he buys Adam, one of the first batch of synthetic humans. This near-perfect human is beautiful, strong and clever - a love triangle soon forms. These three beings will confront a profound moral dilemma. The once slim, hip New York jazz pianist has gained hundreds of pounds.

What happened? Wise-cracking Kerry Salter has spent a lifetime avoiding two things — her hometown and prison. Kerry plans to spend twenty-four hours, tops, over the border. Aldous Huxley. Irvin D. Peter Singer. Barry Schwartz. Richmond Lattimore. Steven Pinker.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Tilar J.


Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Francine Prose.

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    Categories: Contemporary Fiction. The Post-Birthday World. Description American children's book illustrator Irina McGovern enjoys a secure, settled life in London with her smart, loyal, disciplined partner, Lawrence--until the night she finds herself inexplicably drawn to kissing another man, a passionate, extravagant, top-ranked snooker player. Two competing alternate futures hinge on this single kiss, as Irina's decision--to surrender to temptation or to preserve her seemingly safe partnership with Lawrence--will have momentous consequences for her career, her friendships and familial relationships, and the texture of her daily life.

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