The AI Business: The Commercial Uses of Artificial Intelligence

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However, on a basic level, unsupervised learning goes into problems without any pre-programmed answers, and is able to use a mixture of logic and trial and error to learn the answers or categorize things. This is often demonstrated in exercises where strong AI is shown images with colors and shapes and is supposed to categorize and organize them. But apart from supervision, there are different functions of AI. Specialized AI is AI that is programmed to perform a specific task.

Its programming is meant to be able to learn to perform a certain task - not multiple. For example, from self-driving cars to predictive news feeds, specialized AI has been the dominant form of AI since its inception although this is rapidly changing. On the other hand, general AI isn't limited to one specific task - it is able to learn and complete numerous different tasks and functions. In general, much of the cutting-edge, boundary-pushing AI developments of recent years have been general AI - which are focused on learning and using unsupervised programming to solve problems for a variety of tasks and circumstances.

In business, AI has had considerable success in customer service and other business operations.

In addition to its involvement in customer service and business, AI has also been used in recent years for writing news stories. Especially for formulaic articles like earnings reports or sports statistics, AI has increasingly been used to automatically write stories and fill in different data. This technology has been employed by the likes of The Wall Street Journal.

But people are not creating these pieces anymore. It's actually A. Whether on our phones or at the cutting edge of technological development, artificial intelligence is all around.

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Believe it or not, your Facebook feed is actually using AI to predict what content you want to see and push it higher. Algorithms built into the feeds filter content that is most likely to be of interest to the particular Facebook user and predict what they will want to see. Tesla also uses crowd-sourced data from its vehicles to improve their systems.

And while the data currently seems to favor bigger, more popular films over smaller ones, it is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Although it is widely known for being cutting edge, the processes and concepts behind AI have been around for a while. In fact, according to Bernard Marr, a best-selling author and Forbes contributor ,"the theory and the fundamental computer science which makes it possible has been around for decades. Turing, attempted to determine when a computer could actually think. The test predicted that, by , AI computers would be able to be nearly indistinguishable from humans after interrogation, although this test has never been "passed.

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Although ELIZA didn't actually speak and communicated via text instead , the technology was the first that was developed to relay messages in language or natural language processing as opposed to using computer code and programming. And after the development of the internet in the early s, the sharing of data across the web only increased AI's capabilities. But apart from games, AI was developing to operate automobiles as well. Still, it wasn't until that the full capabilities of AI were beginning to be understood.

The challenge had computers identify 1, objects. The defeat was more impressive than AI's previous superiority in chess because Go has over , potential opening moves, and it forced AlphaGo to use neural networks to learn the game and defeat its opponent. The defeat marked an astonishing breakthrough that demonstrated AI's ability to learn on its own.

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However, one of AI's most recent and promising applications has been with self-driving cars, released in Musk's co-founded company researches ways to responsibly and safely progress AI technology - which Musk sees as imperative. I think the visions of the impending apocalypse as a result of robot intelligence is fanciful -- so I wouldn't be overly concerned about Elon Musk's perspective on it," Chishti said. Concerns over the development of "killer robots" and AI weapons remains a concern going into Putting that device in someone's home where they're relaxed and they're in their own environment creates another level of comfort.

Still, concerns over the implications of these AI, life-like dolls - especially in relation to intimacy issues and mental health - are rampant.


And while many of the recent AI developments have been blanketed in controversy, innovators continue to push the boundaries. That's not right,'" McMullen questioned. Still, in a slightly less controversial vein, AI has made recent strides in the field of mental health and counseling. All pages and cover are intact , but may have aesthetic issues such as price clipping, nicks, scratches, and scuffs.

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