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If you are not thinking, hoping, or asking—you are cheating yourself.

You need to think big thoughts, dream big dreams, and ask for big things. There is a gold mine of dreams, visions, abilities, and strength hidden in every life, but you have to dig to get to it. You must be willing to dig deep and go beyond how you feel or what is convenient. If you will dig down deep into the spirit, you will do greater things than anyone could ever imagine.

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There are three things that I took inside my heart from this verse and am actively applying it to the pursuit of my dream. Wisdom , Understanding , and Knowledge. Of course, we need to seek first skillful and godly wisdom. Ask God for wisdom in your daily activities, in your next big dream move, in your next move in general!


Will God Really Give Me the Desires of my Heart?

Seeking first is a struggle for me because I am a get-er-done girl. Get it done now and move on to the next task. No time to ask and wait for wisdom, just do it. Chop, chop! I need to stop and ask God for directions. There are many forks and decisions to make on the big dream road. Do I go right or left?

God put a Dream in my Heart : handbook of Life Therapy

Yes or No? Try to slow down and ask God where you should go and wait for the answer. Knowledge is a big one! Gather your facts and information folks. Consider lessons learned both personally and by other people who have gone before you. Study, read, learn new skills and methodologies.

Has God put A Big Dream In Your Heart? - Troy Web Services

Drop the mic, knowledge has spoken! Is he supposed to give them to us? What does that really mean? So, in this case it is to greatly please God. God is pleased when we follow his commands and seek to be more like him.

Is My Dream From God?

If I had had the spiritual maturity in my teenage years, I would have had a completely different attitude when it came to my relationship with Seth. It may not fit into or preconceived plan or how we think things should work out, but it will fulfill us in ways we never considered. It took me the better part of a decade to get to this point.

However, I hope that by sharing this, that those who read it will know they do not struggle alone. We are all on this journey together, and I want to lift you up on your way and share what I have learned over many years of wrestling with this topic.

#2) God supernaturally gifts you with what you need for the dream.

I hope you find some sort of comfort. God is light, and around His throne is a rainbow of color. The Bible often uses "light" vs. A dream from God will often be full of color and bright light. The foundation of discerning your dreams is relationship. As you draw closer to God, He will reveal what is from Him and what is not. If you approach dreams and supernatural experiences from a position of relationship, you will find yourself walking on safe, steady ground.

Your Father is good and He wants to speak to you. When you ask Him for bread, He won't give you a stone Luke — John E. Teaching on prophetic ministry, dream interpretation and the kingdom of God, he travels internationally and works to help restore the awe of God to a world that has lost its wonder. John and his wife, Dawna, live near Dallas, Texas. To learn more about dreams and dream interpretation, check out Dream Foundations as well as other resources from John E.

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God wants you to dream big dreams.

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